Spencer Pollock

Programmer, Developer, Project Enthusiast


My name is Spencer Pollock. I am a full stack developer, specializing in low level programming (C, C++, C#). I enjoy hobbies such as: reading book; travelling; IoT project development (starting to get more interested in building some things); Magic the Gathering; spending time with friends; playing video games; and learning new languages. Any time I have a chance to try and develop in a new language, I'll always take it. There I always room to learn, and sometimes another language may be the stronger choice for the project.

Project Work

Most of my projects were completed through school. I hope to expand this much more in the future with little projects as time goes on, but for now I'm going to try and work on these projects to fix them up and make them more presentable.

Right now I have some side/personal projects in the works that I cannot share at the moment. Stay up to date here or follow me on GitHub for my activity.


Feel free to contact me at any time. I'm always near my phone and available when I can be (life is busy right?). Email is the best form of contact, but tweeting me @srepollock is quick too. Ontop of this, if you need a copy of my resume, please email me with the company and title in the subject, and I will get back to you ASAP. Otherwise, check out my GitHub for most of my projects, the rest can be found on my archive account. Twitter is where I like to spend some time, and I don't normally tweet a lot on this account. Feel free to find me on my other account if you're up for a challenge. Linkedin shows all my previous and current work titles and experience (so I guess my resume but I do keep both linkedin and a pdf version up to date).